The skippers of the Sailing Fleet Monnickendam

Arnold of De Zuiderzee

Arnold Schmeinck

Tjalk The Zuiderzee

Who are you?
My name is Arnold and since 1994 the Zuiderzee and I have been inseparable. I give her a lot of love, time and attention. As soon as the trusses come loose I am in my element. With the guests, the water, the sails and sturdy wooden mast of the beautiful iron tjalk.

What characterizes you as a skipper?
I think the guests feel my love for the ship. This brings peace of mind during sailing and allows people to fully enjoy the Zuiderzee, one of the most traditional sailing ships that still sails with guests.

What do you give your guests?
I always give my guests a nice complete program. From rolling up your sleeves, relaxing on deck, delicious food and beautiful stories about sailing. Below deck it is good to stay in the cozy ship’s hold with open galley.