Tjalk Zuiderzee

  • Passengers: 12 persons

  • Beds: 12

  • Built: 1892

  • Length: 17 meters

Captain: Olaf Roselaar

Telephone: +31 (0)6 2285 9496


Let’s go on a adventure

Come aboard and sail with us the waters of the Netherlands.

characteristic atmosphere

Remarkable characteristic atmosphere.

Happy crew

Happy and always with a smile skipper

Safe and professional

The Zuiderzee is an ideal place for recreation.

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About the Zuiderzee

About the ship
You’re about to become better acquainted with my wonderful barge the Zuiderzee and with his skipper. Thank you for visiting my ship online. Come aboard and sail with us the waters of the Netherlands.

Guest room
On board you will find an attractive guest room, which is very cosy because of its remarkable characteristic atmosphere, and a fully-equipped kitchen. The former cargo hold can accomodate maximum 12 people (sleep).

Sailing and overnight stays with smaller groups

For whom?
Raising the sails, be at the helm, play a game, read, do nothing, sunbathe, swim, some fishing, stroll through old ports, have a drink in and old pub, dancing in the Hole of Holland, endless catching up, in short, something for everybody.The Zuiderzee is an ideal place for recreation with (groups of) friends, families or colleagues. And because of the inevitable relaxing effect and necessary teamwork an ideal location for trainings for small groups.

Special Activities

Also special activities like for instance a painting class or a cooking workshop are among the possibilities. One way or another, doing nothing, doing a lot, or somewhere in between, but best of all….

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