Tjalk Dankbaarheid

  • Passengers: 25 persons

  • Beds: 16

  • Built: 1890

  • Length: 21 meters

Captain: René van Reenen

Telephone: +31 (0)6 2479 2649


Active sailing

Active sailing, to learn and to laugh

Adventurous overnight stay

Adventurous overnight stay also in winter.

Group accommodation

The accommodation is very suitable for families, friends, singles, etc.

Own food & drinks welcome

You can bring your own and use the ship’s galley.

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About Tjalk Dankbaarheid

You’ll quickly feel at home on the Dankbaarheid (“Gratitude”). On deck is a lovely seating compartment where everyone can sit safely and undisturbed during the sail, chat, take pictures, and enjoy the open water. Below deck is a cozy day room with seating for up to 25 people and a simple kitchen. Adjacent to this is the fore hold with bunk beds. The accommodation is very suitable for families, friends, singles, etc.

Very fast hull

Infected by the crew’s enthusiasm, everyone will want to have a try at the helm on the Dankbaarheid. Not difficult, and great fun! The Dankbaarheid has a very fast hull, enabling the ship to sail very easily in both low and high winds. This also makes her a good choice for a regatta with several ships!

Obviously, snacks and drinks are part of the experience. You can bring your own and use the ship’s galley, with all the necessary inventory. If you prefer to outsource, we’ll gladly introduce you to the tastiest food and drinks from the Waterland region.

The luxury of simplicity

Pirka and René have only recently, in 2016, acquired the Dankbaarheid. The decisive factors were her fast hull, lovely deck, and modest sleeping accommodations for groups. Pirka and René like to sail with guests who appreciate simplicity and, for example, are fine with shared sleeping accommodations and using the showers on shore. The tjalk has six bunk beds and four sofa beds, spread over two rooms. Thus she sleeps up to sixteen, with two beds only suitable for children. Games, music and instruments are provided, but bring by all means bring your own, because you can never have enough in stock on longer trips.

The skippers

Together, René and Pirka have 75 years of sailing experience, but they still turn every sailing day into a special occasion. A visit to Marken and Volendam is still a treat for these locals, and it also remains special to sail to the Wadden Sea with a group, let the ship “run aground” at low tide, and visit a Wadden island. Pirka and René would love to meet many new guests on Dankbaarheid, but also see many “old” guests again to catch up. Together, they want to continue to learn what remains to be learned about sailing and maneuvering a flat-bottomed ship from 1890!

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