Sailing clipper Gouwzee

  • Passengers: 55 persons

  • Beds: 29

  • Built: 1907

  • Length: 35 meters

Captains: Evert Jan Muurling en Steffie Kranz

Telephone: +31 (0)6 5536 8075


Suitable for disabled passengers

There is lots of room and there are no thresholds below deck


Sustainable and fresh food from the galley.

Focus on sustainability and CSR

We pay close attention to sustainability and corporate social responsibility

Day trips and multi-day trips

Day trips and multi-day trips, ask for the possibilities.

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About Sailing clipper Gouwzee

On the Gouwzee, Evert Jan Muurling and his partner Steffie Kranz happily organise day trips and multi-day trips for groups. A sailing trip with the Gouwzee means spontaneity, freshly prepared meals from sustainable ingredients, and personal attention. The environmentally conscious and forward-looking approach of this skipper-couple ensures that they pay close attention to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and that they are constantly striving for innovation in this area.

A piece of history

The historic two-master was baptized “Johannes” in Gouwsluis in 1907, and was then owned by Mr Van Delft from Gorinchem. A similar ship was built for his brother, and both ships were used as freighters for flower bulbs. A nice detail is that this ship turned out larger than his brother’s. Because this was not as was agreed upon, the owner got part of his money back.

Sustainable sailing and cooperation

Today, this has the advantage that there is plenty of living space, both below and above deck. Because there is lots of room and there are no thresholds below deck, the ship is also accessible for people with disabilities. The durable bond that Evert Jan and Steffie have built with their guests is the same kind of relationship that they have with the ship. Come and experience this hospitality for yourself, and enjoy a day trip or multi-day cruise on our Gouwzee!

The skippers

In 2004, Evert Jan and Steffie bought the clipper Gouwzee, and since then they have sailed this ship with groups of guests, along with the ship’s dog Bas. All they do on board is done with love and enthusiasm, but also with an eye to the future. They work with sustainable products, and all meals are freshly prepared in the galley by Steffie. The combination of this spacious ship with the delicious food from Steffie’s galley ensures that every cruise on the Gouwzee is an exceptional experience.

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