Zeeland clipper Korevaer

  • Passengers: 45 persons

  • Beds: 30

  • Built: 1911

  • Length: 40 meters

Captains: Hans en Jet Luining

Telephone: +31 (0)6 2713 9100

Website: www.korevaer.nl

Historical sailing ship

Historical sailing ship with modern facilities.


Flexible catering options.

Group accommodation

Group accommodation with optimal space.

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Day trips and multi-day trips, ask for the possibilities.

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About The Korevaer

Zeeland clipper Korevaer is one of the larger vessels in the Monnickendam Sailing Fleet. The ship is at her best when the engine stops and the sails are hoisted. As a sailing couple, Hans and Jet Luining get the best out of the ship as well as of the guests on board. They love to let them experience traditional sailing. Nothing is electric, so everything is done by hand. Their challenge is to make your sailing trip into a combined effort, leaving enough space for relaxation and time for yourself.

Historical ship with a new look

The Luinings bought the former single-masted clipper Korevaer in 1997, and converted her into a stylish and modern charter sailing ship. In 1999 she went back to sea as a two-masted clipper. Although more guests are allowed, Hans and Jet opt for fewer guests on board, which benefits the comfort, space and overall experience. The day room has enough space for a pleasant get-together, and pets are allowed as well. Hans and Jet offer both half and full board, but self-catering is also possible. The Korevaer offers overnight accommodations for thirty persons, divided into five double and five four-bed cabins. Besides that, there are four toilets and three showers.

Hans & Jet Luining

Hans and Jet have been passionate sailors for 22 years. First, they sailed with guests on a smaller ship, and with the Korevaer since 1999. Hans has refurbished, lived on, and sailed many a ship. He is the skipper of the Korevaer; Jet is the hostess and provides the catering. In order to get the best performance out of the ship, there is always a mate on board as well. During the summer, they live on board in home port Monnickendam. In winter they sail the ship to Leiden, and live on shore. Then the ship, anchored in the heart of Leiden, is an ideal floating hostel for groups.

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