Skûtsje Vrouwe Francina

  • Passengers: 12 persons

  • Beds: 8

  • Built: 1898

  • Length: 14.25 meters

Captain: René van Reenen

Telephone: +31 (0)6 2479 2649


Active sailing

Active sailing, to learn and to laugh


Adventurous overnight stay.

Safe ship

Very safe ship, excellent maintenance

Picturesque area

Enjoy the picturesque area

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About Vrouwe Francina

Sailing on the skûtsje Vrouwe (Lady) Francina will bring you the optimal sailing feeling, and is the perfect chance to enjoy being on the water in a small group . The clearly surveyable ship has a spacious cockpit from which all guests can enjoy the sailing trip. Below deck is very cosy, with enough room for a comfortable spot for all. Skipper and hostess Pirka is crazy about her living and sailing environment. She not only introduces her guests to the waters around her ‘Waterland’, but also, if desired, with the delicious local products out there.

Living off the wind

The Lady Francina is a tjalk built in 1898 and lies in the historical inner harbour of Monnickendam with a few other ships. An idyllic spot in which ship and skipper feel right at home. With Monnickendam as both her ship’s home port and her hometown, Pirka liks to tell about its history, nature, and the surroundings that pass by during your sailing trip. The ship is very safe and in perfect condition. Pirka’s partner René takes care of all maintenance, so that his wife can always sail safely. The skûtsje is also equipped with all the basic amenities, including a toilet, 220V connection, heater and a small kitchen with oven, fridge and pots and pans. Sailing trousers are present for those who dare to defy the occasional rain. For smaller groups a multi-day trip, including accommodation on board, is a real experience in all its simplicity.

The skipper

Pirka Balvers is a woman who stands her ground. Her experience enables her to teach her guests to help sail her skûtsje within a couple of hours. Docking at the port is no problem under Pirka’s direction , whatever your nautical experience. Guests are invited to help, but if you’d rather relax in the cockpit, please do so. Pirka has been a skipper on various ships for decades, literally living off the wind.

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