The skippers of the Sailing Fleet Monnickendam

Bertil of De Gulden Belofte

Bertil Vermeulen

De Gulden Belofte

Who are you?
I am a cheerful French, always in a good mood and in for a joke. I prefer to be outside. On my racing bike, skis, in a canoe or of course on the Gulden Belofte. In addition to being a skipper, I am also a coach. A fantastic combination, both real people work. Would you like to know more about what I can do for you as a therapist? Check

What characterizes you as a skipper?
I sincerely love the boating profession, dealing with people, the nature around me, the variety, the responsibility that sailing entails. It’s never boring. You can literally go anywhere with me. Always full of passion and with personal attention. I simply cannot do otherwise. I am also very proud of the Golden Promise. I found her as a badly neglected hull and I transformed her with a lot of love and energy into the wonderfully well-maintained sailing ship that it is today.

What do you give your guests?
I like to experience adventures on the water. Full of surrender and fun, enjoying the elements and each other. I want to give that feeling to my guests. Whether it concerns a meeting, a staff outing, a family trip, bachelor party, a day of team building, a yoga weekend, a meditation afternoon or a complete holiday week. I do everything I can to see my passengers disembark with a huge smile. That makes me happy!